Anniversary of Defeating ISIS Under Shadow of Protests

Monday 9 December 19 - 20:03

December 10, the anniversary of defeating ISIS in Iraq.

This important day is a holiday in Iraq except Iqlim and according to what is released in social media in the recent days, leaders of protesters called for protests in Baghdad and other provinces. These leaders premonish protesters to not enter the Green zone of Baghdad and use of violence.
Nevertheless, nomads of Karbala said in a statement yesterday that they do not respond to the call for protests, since the purposes are not clear. It is heard that the tribes of Karbala blocked the roads to prevent people of other provinces to enter.
US embassy issued an alert to its citizens, in case the violence increases tomorrow.

On the other hand, Ghaith al-Tamimi who is one of the leaders of riots in Iraq and lives abroad, promised to be in Tahrir square of Baghdad on 10 December and now traveled to Irbil in Iqlim and met with Abdul Razzaq al-Shimri (an anti-Iran figure). The personality of this person and the path he came is interesting.

Ghaith al-Tamimi has studied at martyr Sadr Islamic school and a fan of Muhammad Sadr. After Saddam fall, he joined Sadr movement and was a commander of Jaish al-Mahdi and then spent one and half year at a US prison.
After the prison his life changed and lived in UK and started enmity with Shia and Shia schools. According to informed sources, he works with UK intelligence services and is in contact with Mossad.

Ghaith al-Tamimi is not afraid of being spotted in gatherings of Iraqi Jews. Specially with Edwin Shoer, Jewish Freemasonry businessman who has anti religion, Shia and Iran ideas.
He recently appeared in a new documentary broadcasted by BBC Arabic about temporary marriage which aimed at Iraqi Shias.

While Iraq’s Chief of Staff expressed that Gen al-Muhammadawi is not commander of Baghdad operation anymore due to sickness, Skynews claimed that Iraq’s National Security Council decided to ban Hashad Sha’abi from entering Baghdad. However the news was rejected but Iraqi Armed Forces spokesperson stated that Abdul-Mahdi ordered these forces not to take part in security issues.

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