Yemen news Dec 9th 2017

Sunday, 10 December 2017 - 12:06

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: After Saleh’s unsuccessful coup and his elimination from Yemen politics, AnsarAllah and Mansour Hadi try to negotiate with different tribes in addition to heavy fights going between them.

News of fronts:


Al Hudaydah:

Hadi’s forces with company of Emirates’ armored forces are advancing in north of Al Khukhah and have reached Mefragh Zabid(al Jarrahi) 70 km from Al Hudaydah harbor. A portion of Hadi’s troop moved to Hays and are fighting AnsarAllah’s forces heavily.


AnsarAllah’s troops are on heights of Al Hamili while Hadi’s troops are in Al Hamili lands. Al Hamili lands is between Hays and Khalid ibn Walid camp.

One of two main roads going north in Taizz goes across Al Hamili.

Hadi’s troops took over Albuqa (in Saada governate) – Al Yatmah (Al Jawf governate) road. This road leads to Al Hazm capital of Al Jawf but still a lot of region after Al Yatmah is in the hand of AnsarAllah.


Also AnsarAllah operation in Najran front in Qawi and Hamezah villages resulted in casualties from Saudi and Sudanic soldiers and taking trophies. Images show this.

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