Latest Updates on Syria, 11 December 2019

Thursday, 12 December 2019 - 11:32

Latest news from Syria’s frontlines

1. Hasakah:
– Syrian Army banned US military caravan passing outskirt of Qamishli airport, the caravan returned.
– Hasakah-Aleppo road is opened completely after Syrian Army forces are spread between Tal Tamar and Ayn Issa. The road connects northern parts of Syria from Aleppo to Hasakah with eastern border of Syria.

2. Idlib:
– Pro-militant media claimed to capture Katibah Mahjura area, south of Idlib by Tahrir al Sham terrorists again.
– Tahrir al Sham targeted villages of southeastern part of Idlib by artillery.
– Russian fighters bombed Katibah Mahjura area three times.
– Syrian Army artillery bombed militia positions in south of Idlib.

3. Hama:
Syrian Army shot down a spy drone of militia near Furayka, Ghab plain.

4. Aleppo:
– Turkish Army artillery bombed Kurds positions in villages Maraanaz and Malikiyah, south of Azaz.
– Kurdish artillery bombing militia positions near Azaz town.

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