Latest updates on Libya, 25 December 2019

Wednesday 25 December 19 - 14:37

Guardian said there are three thousand Sudanese forces in Libya. Sudanese under support of UAE and Saudi Arabia help Gen Haftar

1. 210th infantry battalion famous as Salafis under control of LNA has dispatched to Tripoli. The images show this news.

2. Due to bombing of Tajura in southeast of Tripoli by LNA fighters, four civilians killed and three wounded.

3. Al-Mismari, the LNA spokesperson:
– Our drones bombed the positions of GNA forces in Mislata.
– GNA forces under support of Turkey intend to attack Tarhunah town again.
– Militants of Misrata have time until Wednesday night to evacuate Tripoli fronts.

4. Libyan media according to Syrian military officials reported of militia groups transporting from Syria to Tripoli fronts.

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