Latest updates on clashes at US Embassy in Baghdad + Images

Tuesday, 31 December 2019 - 12:38

ISWNews Analysis Group: More than 20 protesters have been injured by tear gas fired by Iraqi security forces and US embassy security personnel so far.

1. Sending security forces to the US Embassy following the entering of protesters at the US Embassy.

2. Iraqi security forces and US embassy security personnel injured more than 20 protesters by firing tear gas.

3. Embassy staff and US military evacuated the embassy building.

4. The Iraqi prime minister called for the withdrawal of people and all groups from the US embassy.

5. Qais Khazali: The US Embassy is home to destructive groups and the Jokers.

It seems that these protests must continue to become a full-fledged anti-American movement and in later stages offices, NGOs and companies belong to US in each province should be targeted.

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  1. antoon van maris says:

    Good thing to, that the people finally start defending themselfs against the biggest ( worldleaders ) terrorists on earth !