Start of important session of Iraq parliament

Sunday 5 January 2020 - 13:45

ISWNews Analysis Group: The minimum number of members to attend is met and 180 members in presence of PM have a session to talk about the presence of American forces in Iraq.

The session held with presence of political groups Fath, Saerun, Nasr, Hikmah, Dowlat Qanun, Sanad al-Watani.

Adil Abdul Mahdi said:
– Iran and USA have both fought with terrorism and helped security forces of Iraq.
– Hashad Sha’abi is part of Iraq’s security system.
– Trust of Americans to us after we did not respect the sanctions decreased. USA somehow said you are either with us or against us!
– US told us that Israel has targeted positions of Hashad Sha’abi last summer.
– USA did not accept to apologize for bombing Hashad Sha’abi base in Qaem.
– Trump asked us to mediate.
– Martyr Soleimani was en rout to meet with us to hand in Iran’s answer to a Saudi letter.
– Flight of US helicopters and drones over Baghdad was without our permission.

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