30 December 2019
Breaking: Taliban Captured Darzab District

ISWNews Analysis Group: Darzab district in north of Afghanistan is now entirely occupied by Taliban forces.

30 December 2019
Latest updates on Afghanistan, 29 December 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Some sources reported Taliban military council accepted temporary ceasefire during US-Taliban talks.

30 December 2019
Assassination of a Pakistani Taliban leader in Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: Qari Sayfullah Mehsud, a Pakistani Taliban commander was killed in Khost province, east of Afghanistan.

29 December 2019
Bitter end for Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan

Erica Marat author of book “The military and the state in central Asia: from red army to independence” what does she say about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?

25 December 2019
The Possibility of Civil War in Afghanistan!

An abstract of an interview of Vladimir Ayusif, the head of Eurasia department in Shanghai Cooperation Organization, with the Ria Novosti news agency about recent developments of Afghanistan

25 December 2019
Latest updates on Afghanistan, 24 December 2019
25 December 2019
Afghanistan presidential election initial results analysis

The results of Afghanistan presidential election showed the victory of Ashraf Ghani and the defeat of Abdullah Abdullah for the second time. The result will give rise to controversy in the coming days in Afghanistan as usual.

22 December 2019
Turmoil in Afghanistan after results of election

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today morning the election commission announced the results of election and Ashraf Ghani won with 50.64% and Abdullah Abdullah with 39.52% of votes stood second. The results started turmoils and controversy.

22 December 2019
Breaking: Ashraf Ghani Wins Afghan Presidential Election

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Afghan presidential election commission has declared Ashraf Ghani the winner of the election and the new president.

21 December 2019
Afghanistan: Results of presidential election to announce soon

ISWNews Analysis Group: Afghanistan election commission reported of announcing the preliminary results soon.

19 December 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 18 December 2019

US gave Taliban 10 days deadline for the ceasefire to continue the talks. Some Taliban sources said that they don’t accept any ceasefire before the agreement.

17 December 2019
The Imminent Withdrawal of US Troops from Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: Western media according to US officials announced the partial withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan in agreement with the Taliban.