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15 April 2020
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 14 April 2020
12 April 2020
Latest Updates on Afghanistan Negotiation

ISWNews Analysis Group: Taliban and Ashraf Ghani administration released some of each other’s prisoners according to the peace agreement between USA and Taliban.

11 April 2020
Afghanistan: Disagreement over releasing of Taliban captives

Following the releasing of 200 Taliban captives by Ashraf Ghani government in line with the peace agreement and the prevention from Corona disease, Taliban claimed that the reason of releasing the captives is unclear and isn’t within the framework of peace agreement with the US.

10 April 2020
Latest updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 9 April 2020
05 April 2020
Head of Khorasan branch of ISIS arrested!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Head of national general security of Afghanistan reported of arresting Abdullah Orakzai, head of Khorasan branch of ISIS with 19 militants.

03 April 2020
Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah talks failed again

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the failure of dividing power talks, Abdullah Abdullah said he will soon introduce his cabinet.

31 March 2020
Latest updates on Afghanistan, 30 March 2020

Latest news from Afghanistan frontlines and intra-Afghan talks

25 March 2020
Terrorist attack to Sikh temple in Kabul

ISWNews Analysis Group: Unknown individuals attacked Sikhs temple in Kabul and took hostage all the people in it, roughly 200 persons.

24 March 2020
Mike Pompeo’s unexpected trip to Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mike Pompeo, foreign minister of USA terrorist government, entered Kabul in an unexpected trip.

23 March 2020
Latest updates on Afghanistan, 22 March 2020
18 March 2020
Video: Australian Special Forces crimes in Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Australian ABC network unveiled a documentary on Australian Special Forces crimes in Afghanistan.

18 March 2020
Rahmatullah Nabil disclosed the plan to divide Afghanistan

Summary of Nabil speech, Afghan politician, regarding recent incidents of Afghanistan