11 June 2020
Opinion: What is Syria’s new field for Russia and Iran?

Syria; the country that has been witnessed a global quasi war in the last ten years, and has been a huge turbulence square between Takfiri groups on the one side and the Resistance forces on the other side. With spreading the protests against Bashar Assad’s (Syrian president) in 2012 and turning it into a terrible war, that displaced millions of families, and left thousands of dead and wounded people, not only did not any help to improving the situation at that time, but also it led that the groups that had no connection with the historical background of this country, seek their own share from Syria. On the other side of the square, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia presented to support from Bashar al-Assad; because falling of Bashar al-Assad was putting Syria in the hands of countries and groups that were following their own interests, not the stability and security of the Syrian people.

26 May 2020
US: Russia can no longer deny its presence in Libya!

Following the release of satellite images of the presence of Russian fighter jets at the airport under the control of General Haftar in Libya, a new media controversy over Libya has begun.

12 May 2020
Tenth Joint Russia-Turkey patrol in M4 highway in Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: This joint patrol was opposed by terrorists of Idlib same as previous patrols. A bomb went off outskirts Ariha town near the patrol without casualties and damages.

06 May 2020
The 8th Joint Turkish-Russian patrol on the M4 Highway

ISWNews Analysis Group: The eighth joint Turkish-Russian patrol was done in the M4 highway in Syria’s Idlib with the two countries air force participation.

21 April 2020
The Turkish-Russian fifth joint military patrol on the M4 highway

According to the Russian reconciliation center in Syria, the fifth joint Turkish-Russian military patrol was done on Aleppo-Latakia highway (M4) in the west of Saraqib town on April 21th.

17 April 2020
Building a new military base by Russia in Raqqa

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian and Russian army forces are inspecting the establishment a new helicopter base in the south of Maadan in the south of Raqqa province.

14 March 2020
Saudi coalition oil war with Russia

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the oil ear between Saudi Arabia and Russia, UAE increased its oil production.

06 March 2020
New ceasefire in Idlib; impossible?!

Moscow summit is over and Putin and Erdogan said they’ve reached an agreement on a new ceasefire in Idlib area. We will analyze the ceasefire.

05 March 2020
Russian Defense Ministry: Accusations of west against Syria are false

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement regarding to accusations of west against Syria and Idlib battles.

02 March 2020
Russian Military Police stationed at Saraqib

The Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria stated that Russian Military Police entered the town of Saraqib; that means stabilizing of final dominance of Syrian army on Saraqib!

07 January 2020
Putin’s important trip to Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Putin, Russian president, visited Damascus today afternoon.

30 December 2019
Video: Russian Private Military Company Forces in Libya Battlefields

Russian Wagner group forces in Libya are helping LNA and it is said they dispatched after Gen. Haftar meeting with Sergey Shoygu, Russian minister of defense.