18 June 2019
Breaking | Militants New Attacks in Northwest of Hama

ISWNews Analysis Group: The militants operation room Fatah al-Mobin announced this morning the start of a new round of attacks against the Syrian Army positions in northwestern Hama.

17 June 2019
CBS news team in Syria’s Idlib and interview with terrorists!

The picture you see is the presence of the American CBS Network in the Syria’s Idlib region and interview with Hadi Abdullah, the well-known militant’s reporter in the presence of a notorious “White Helmets” element.

17 June 2019
Breaking | Ansar Allah New Drone Attacks on Abha Airport

The Yemen Armed Forces spokesman announced that Yemeni drones conducted a new wave of attacks on Abha Airport in Asir province.

17 June 2019
Mohamed Morsi dies in court!

According to Egyptian Government TV, Mohamed Morsi, Removed President of Egypt Died in the Court.

17 June 2019
Sudan’s Omar Al Bashir charged with corruption

ISWNews Analysis Group: Sudan’s ex-president Omar al Bashir after nearly two months of his removal and imprisonment by the Sudan Army, he appeared in public and was driven to the prosecutor’s office in Khartoum.

17 June 2019
Breaking | Ansar Allah Strikes on Abha Airport, Saudi Arabia

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah targeted Abha Airport with a Qasef K2 loitering drone.

16 June 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – White Helmets, “Bana al-Abed” and Killing “Evil Russians”

How the US and its allies use computer games, movies and comic books for poisonous ads and to advance their goals? Must See!

16 June 2019
Fire Exchange Between Syrian and Turkish Armies in North of Hama

According to militia’s claim, Syrian Army attacked Turkish outposts in Morek area using mortars. On the other hand Turkish Army forces stationed in Sher Mughar also attacked Syrian Army’s positions in Karim village in Al Ghab Plain area.

16 June 2019
ISIS’s operations and activities continue in Haruj areas

ISIS terrorists targeted two Libyan National Army vehicles with roadside bombs near Sabha and Tmassah.

16 June 2019
Trump settlement in occupied Golan!

After the Trump administration recognized Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan heights, Netanyahu vowed to build a new settlement in Golan.

15 June 2019
Breaking | Ansar Allah Vast Drone Attacks Against Saudis in Southern Saudi Arabia

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah targeted Abha Airport and Jizan Airport with several Qasef K2 loitering drones.

15 June 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine, 14 June 2019

Continued bombing of Gaza by Israeli fighters and efforts to bring peace