Opinion: Now that you didn’t go you should go horizontally/ USA invincibility breached

Friday 10 January 2020 - 11:52

In its first response to revenge martyrdom of General Soleimani, Iran targeted strategic base of USA in Ain al Assad and another US base in Erbil with 13 surface to surface missiles.

One answer and several lessons
a) Ain al Assad airbase is the most important and modern US base located in Anbar province and at the time of attack there were more than five thousand American troops in it. For the first since second world war a US base was attacked by another country. The second target was US airbase in Erbil, Kurdistan Iqlim, Iraq.

b) The great and dangerous message of IRGC missile attack to US Ain al Assad base is that Iran’s missiles passed by the American air defense and ECM systems easily and THAAD and Patriot systems were useless.

c) The third point regarding Ain al Assad incident is that this base was equipped for both aerial and ground operations. The base located in a strategic area to be close to Baghdad, Iqlim Kurdistan, south of Iraq and Syria border.
Americans targeted Hashad Sha’abi forces gathering and resistance axis using this base and to cut Iran’s access to Mediterranean Sea they killed many people. In another word, IRGC not only retaliated the assassination of its genius General but also gave a lesson to USA that if they hindered Iran’s access to Mediterranean Sea, Iran won’t be silent.

d) IRGC statement shows that if from another land Iran was targeted, the same action would be taken. Attention of Zionist regime and Saudi.
Now if Americans don’t understand the message of Iraq’s parliament to leave Iraq, IRGC can teach them using missiles.

e) The fifth lesson concerns Tel Aviv. Do you remember Netanyahu threatening Iran every month, every week, every day and bragging about options on the desk to attack Iran using high-tech F-22 fighters? Now we should seek him under the desk.

Undoubtedly Trump could not imagine to get such an answer fast. Confronting USA using missiles broke USA invincibility taboo in the world. From today no one will count on USA more than a country. The dream of empire is to be sought in Hollywood movies.
Maybe no one in Trump’s administration could predict that US prowess, that was bragged about by western media, was nothing but propaganda.
We should be optimistic that by USA and Israel stupidity, Iran’s hand is open to missile strike Haifa, Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

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