Great advances in Aleppo governorate; Khanaser-Arba’in Mount axis under fire and surrounded by Moghawemat

Saturday 13 January 2018 - 10:23

Islamic World News Analysis Group; Moghawemat troops along with Syrian Army could liberate more than 30 villages in the region with their swift advance.

While militia in Idlib and northen Hama are attacking heavily with all their power to cut the logistic and surround operating forces to liberate Abu Dhohur airbase in the last two days, not only they were defeated in their attacks, but also Moghawemat troops force them to withdraw back in southern Aleppo.


Now by liberating more than 30 villages and the area in southern Aleppo, militia are soon to be sieged in two regions.


The only success militia achieves is to postpone the liberation of Abu Dhohur by Suheil Hassan Tiger forces and nothing more, which is even less important considering that Hassan changed the tactic by turning around the airbase. After Syrian Army’s Atshan-Tal Khaznah logistic axis was attacked, Hassan’s troops advance around the airbase and liberate Hamidiah, Hamidiah Shdad and Ja’kia villages.


As it is depicted in the map, militia in al Hass Mount area and also in north of Saein (western axis to Khanaser) are almost besieged and with more advances by Moghawemat and Syrian Army troops a large area will be liberated.


However in the Arba’in Mount-Daman axis and considering the fact that Arba’in Mount has a great privilege over south and Tal Daman; militia are practically under siege in Hass Mount area.


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