Map: Latest updates on southwest of Aleppo and Khan Tuman

Friday, 31 January 2020 - 00:21

There is not any change in the situation of the frontier line and incidents regarding yesterday and also Khan-Tuman and Khaledieh is still under controlled by the resistance forces.

Pro-militant media was lying that Khan Tuman is under militants control and Iranian forces suffered huge losses yesterday! While these militants were expelled from this village and there was not any conflict in there.

Now the northern forest of Khan Tuman is disputed (the blue dashed line circle) and this can be a problem. The militants used this forest in the previous operation of Khan Tuman to penetrate of the town and rounding the resistance forces. It is to say that in the previous operation of Khan Tuman, Rashedin 5 was not under resistance forces but now the chance of being rounded by the militants is very low because of liberation of Rashedin 5.

So as to securing the area it is necessary to free Assad forest (the white circle) in north of Rashedin 4. The end side of Assad forest has a great vision on the north of Khan Tuman. It is also correct to say that progressing in Assad forest may lead to liberation of Rashedin 4.
So it is not logic to delay this progression and the resistance forces should free Assad forest, Rashedin 4 and the northern forests of Khan Tuman.

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