Report on fifth day of “Operation Olive Branch”, January 24, 2018

Thursday 25 January 18 - 08:21

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: Behcet Ebdo, commander of YPG forces in Afrin, only an hour after Al Mayadeen TV announces that YPG and Syrian Army agree that Syrian troops enter Afrin, denies this news entirely.


Al Mayadeen TV shortly before according to an official of YPG (People’s Protection Units) in Afrin in summary reports:

“An Official of YPG (People’s Protection Units) in Afrin advises that these forces are willing if Syrian Army enters Afrin after some agreements, meanwhile he denies any sort of dependency and announces that Afrin Kurds are part of Syrian society and only request to be part of political future of Syria. This Kurdish official adds that the weapons they use to defend themselves are provided by Syria not USA. This official also questions the Russian Forces evacuation of Afrin and shows surprise and unawareness of this movement of Russia.”

But a few hours later, Behcet Ebdo, commander of YPG in Afrin denies this news and announces that no soldier from Syrian Army is present in Afrin and previous negotiations due to Damascus persistence on governmental security forces in Afrin were not successful.

It is noteworthy that Syrian Army still permits Kurdish troops to use Governmental roads to transport troops to Afrin nevertheless.


Most of broadcasted news about Operation Olive Branch are not very reliable since there are tight security protocols implemented by Turkish Army in all fronts and no independent reporter is not allowed to be present in frontlines. Reporters are facing troubles to present in YPG fronts and no independent reporter could broadcast from these frontlines neither.


At early hours of 24 January, Kurdish troops in a fake attack to suburbs of Darat Izza in western bank of Aleppo and south of Afrin, surprise commanders of Operation Olive Branch. According to Kurdish sources, in this attack eight Tahrir Al Sham and Faylaq Al Sham terrorists are killed. Darat Izza is one of the occupied areas by Turkish Army during Euphrates Shield Campaign whose control was given to Tahrir Al Sham.


In a mortar attack to a mosque in Turkish city of Kilis at Syrian border, at least eight died. Kurds deny any relation to this attack.


Turkish Army transports a military convoy consisting of tens of tanks and armored vehicles to western region of Aleppo governorate to open a new front against YPG. Opening a new front for Turkey is like a double edge blade which might distract YPG defendants on the ground but also might distract Turkish air force concentration either.


YPG troops released images showing booties from Turkish forces, IDs and the body of a Turkish soldier.

According to Turkish media, the casualty of Turkish Army is four military troops during the Operation Olive Branch and nine other troops during sneak attack to a border outpost by Kurds. In contrary Kurdish officials claim to kill more than 200 Free Army troops during the Operation.


Kurdish sources claim that Zagros missile system is operational since latest hours of 23 January, however there is no image of operation of this missile system.


Turkish T129 helicopters attack YPG positions using laser guided missiles.


Turkish parliament members from Justice and Development Party, demand honoring Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president of Turkey, by “Qazi” (Qazi is a person who participate in a war (Qazweh) alongside Prophet of Islam during the early years of Islam and during Ottoman Empire the wars were also called Qazweh and participants in them were called Qazi.).


Turkey starts the fifth day of Operation, while Turkish citizens are experiencing state-of-emergency in several weeks. Erdogan government by claiming state-of-emergency is allowed to authorize bills without parliament voting and to intensify the security condition in country thus any kind of rally in the streets protesting the operation will be very costly.

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