Details of US-Taliban agreement

Sunday, 16 February 2020 - 20:13

According to latest updates, temporary ceasefire between USA and Taliban will be start in a few days. The ceasefire will be permanent in case the American side is happy with it and then the summit between afghan groups will be held and finally American soldiers will leave.

This is a preliminary agreement to reduce violence in seven days and in the whole country including government forces.
According to western media, the statement regarding the agreement will be released in next week.

Frame of the agreement is as follows,
1. Taliban is obliged to stop suicide, missile and ground attacks for seven days.
2. USA is monitoring the agreement in these seven days.
3. In case of American officials satisfaction of Taliban, the agreement will be extended.

The second agreement will be signed near the end of February and talks between Afghan groups will start from March 10 in Norway or Germany. After the second agreement, USA will release five thousand Taliban militants from prison. (Ashraf Ghani’s dependency is clear here).
USA and NATO forces leave slowly in a 18 months period. NATO also evacuates its soldiers in case of satisfaction with Taliban’s obligations.
American officials claimed anti terrorists operations against terrorist groups such as al Qaeda and ISIS are excluded from the ceasefire.

In despite of both sides strives for the agreement, analysts believe USA is trying to sabotage Taliban’s obligations by infiltrating in Ashraf Ghani’s administration security service to get more privileges.

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