100 Syrian soldiers martyred due to air raids by US alliance to Deir ez-Zor

Saturday, 10 February 2018 - 08:43

Islamic World News Analysis Group: During air attacks by US alliance to Deir ez-Zor more than 100 Syrian Army troops and Moghawemat forces martyred.

US officials told Reuters, their fighters act as “self-defense” and “counteract” to attack Deir ez-Zor which results in killing of more than 100 soldiers.

US Army claims that Syrian Army with 500 soldiers and tanks and artillery planned to attack Kurdish oil lands in Khisham in the east of Euphrates river on Wednesday which result in US Airforce to attack them to destroy the possible danger.

Spokesperson of the White House in a press meeting on Thursday addresses the air attack to Syrian Army on Wednesday evening as “self-defense”.


But a witnessing source tells another story; after a series of negotiations between Syrian Army and Kurds and agreeing with YPG to give the control of some of oil lands, some units of Syrian Army start to move there but “Military Parliament of Deir ez-Zor” is not happy with the agreement and starts fighting with Syrian troops also asks US for air support which results in US air attack.

This incident cannot be unrelated to issue of Afrin and negotiations with YPG …


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