Latest Updates on Battles in Jawf province, Yemen

Monday 24 February 2020 - 14:50

ISWNews Analysis Group: During the recent days, Ansar Allah has been successful in advancing on the northern and southern fronts of al-Hazm town, the center of al-Jawf province.

The northern front of al-Hazm:
According to our field sources, following the heavy clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led coalition forces in al-Hazm area, Ansar Allah has been successful to clean the Harab mountain and Shahla in the north of al-Hazm town.
Currently, only Sadba mountain and al-Qarn are under control of Saudi-led forces. (However, we have not received any images or video in this regard yet.)
Also the source added that the tribes of western districts of al-Jawf province have been mobilized to reinforce the Ansar Allah movement and confronting with Saudi-led forces.
On the other hand, yesterday the extensive auxiliary forces for the Saudi coalition have entered the al-Hazm, and are reinforcing their defense lines in west of city. It can be said that two sides are preparing for a heavy clashes in the al-Hazm.

Al-Ghayl front:
Ansar Allah has been withdrew from some previous points in this district, but the clashes and heavy pressures to gain the full control of al-Ghayl district and al-Salmat and finally for entering the south of al-Hazm town continue.

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