Latest Updates on al-Jawf Battles

Monday 2 March 2020 - 20:54

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the collapse of the Saudi coalition lines in al-Jawf, Ansar Allah is advancing in the eastern desert of the al-Hazm town.

Today, some Saudi coalition media claimed recapturing the al-Hazm and with postponing the announcement by Brigadier Gen. Yahya Sari’, spokesman of Yemeni Armed Forces about the recent advances, fake news of coalition media were increased.

According to the latest news and based on our sources in the area, Ansar Allah has attacked to eastern desert of al-Jawf, after liberating the al-Jarr and surrounding villages, and so far they have succeeded to clean all of the north east heights of al-Hazm including the al-Zawira, Rawah, al-Jamrah, and al-Lawz Mountains, and the al-Seel, Wadi Raak, and al-Nadar areas. Now, the Clashes are continuing in the al-Labnah region and the Saudi coalition military base in the Labnah area.
So it should be noted that the reason of postponing the Brigadier Gen. Sari announcement is the continuation of these advances, not the collapse of al-Hazm!

Also, Sheikh Amin al-Akimi (the governor appointed by Mansoor Hadi’s former government) fled to Marib after defeating in al-Jarr and receiving rescue letter from Ansar Allah yesterday evening.

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  1. atifarooz says:

    Is ansarallah’s Marib in offensive has stopped…?

    1. Mirza says:

      Clashes continue…