How will Marib be conquered? Part 1

Thursday 2 April 20 - 19:24

After “Fa’amkan Minhom” operation in al Jawf, Ansar Allah focused its attacks to two axes of east of Hazm and east of Sirwah and controlling bases in provinces Marib and al-Jawf.

Saudi coalition to control fronts al-Jawf, Nihm and west of Marib expanded some bases in these areas and added applications such as training, intelligence, logistics and command units. Saudi coalition in these areas, i.e., western parts of al-Jawf and Marib provinces, has seven bases as follows:

1. Al-Labanat base: After liberation of Hazm town, Saudi coalition forces took position there and on March 31 when Ansar Allah’s attacks started to east of Hazm, Saudi coalition defense line collapsed in areas Sayl and Andar and the coalition forces to retreat extensively from these areas including al-Labanat base.
The base locates 50 km from Hazm town and 90 km from Marib town and Saudi coalition presence in it was a threat to Hazm town.

2. Al-Kanais base: The base locates south of al-Labanat base and was a connecting point between Saudi coalition in al-Jawf and Marib.

3. Ruwaik base: The base locates in northeast of Marib province and has a key role in controlling oil and gas resources in Marib. The base was also training center for Mansoor Hadi forces by Saudi coalition officers. Ansar Allah can reach this base by advancing toward east of al-Kanais.

4. Jufrah base: This base lays in east of Jawf crossroad and does not bear high importance compared to others.

5. Maas base: This base is Saudi coalition command center for west of Marib and has been targeted by Ansar Allah missiles and drones several times.

6. Kufil base: In east of Sirwah, was claimed by Ansar Allah on 30 March completely. It is important in the way from Sirwah to Marib.

7. Sahn al-Jinn base: It was attacked the most by Ansar Allah missiles located in Marib. The base is a warehouse for military equipment and positioning for Saudi coalition forces in north of Marib.

Bases Kufil (west of Marib) and al-Labanat (east of Hazm) are controlled by Ansar Allah. It can be predicted that these seven bases are important for Ansar Allah’s operation in Marib province.
To control Marib Ansar Allah should exit Saudi coalition from the bases and hence controlling the tribes would be easier.
In addition to bases, there are other strategic points which will be talked about according to the evolutions of the area.

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