How will Marib be conquered? Part 2

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Thursday 26 November 20 - 08:24

In previous years, Ansar Allah’s advance was stopped behind the gates of Marib, but after Operation “Fa’amkana Minhom” in al-Jawf Province and Ansar Allah Operation in the north of al-Baydha; The ground for the liberation operation in Marib province was again provided for Ansar Allah.

In the first article, we introduced the Saudi coalition military bases in the provinces of Marib and al-Jawf, which formed the defensive line of their positions, and the main focus of the coalition’s operations in the war was the “conquest of Sanaa.”

After the start of Ansar Allah operation in Marib province, which was preceded by two operations, “Fa’amkan Minhom” and the peration north al-Baydha against al-Qaeda and ISIS, Ansar Allah succeeded in liberating the districts of Majzar, Madghal, Maheliyah and Rahbah, and clashes continue in the districts of Raghwan, Sarwah, Jabal Murad, al-Abdiya, al-Jubah and Huraib.

Currently, Ansar Allah has almost broken the main defensive line of the Saudi coalition in Marib by capturing four Labanat base, al-Khanjar base (in al-Jawf province), al-Jufra base and Maas bases in the west of Marib province, and the precision missile and drone strikes on the bases of Sahn al-Jinn, Tadawin, the third military zone, al-Ruwaik, and… have led to the weakness of the coalition in supporting the front lines. Therefore, it can be said that the military power of the Saudi coalition in Marib province has been drained and the conflict between the two main sides of the Yemeni war, namely Ansar Allah and the resigned government of Mansour Hadi, in Marib province is nearing its final step.

Now, Ansar Allah must achieve the following in order to complete its victory in the west of Marib province:

1- Clearing the district of Raghwan:
Negotiations with some tribes have been effective, but most of the tribes in the Raghwan area are resisting Ansar Allah, whose defeat is imminent.

2- Moving in direction of Kanayis base:
The clearing of this base will also lead to the security of eastern parts of al-Jawf, and the coalition attacks on the Labanat base and the eastern villages of al-Hazm city will no longer be possible.

3- Moving in direction of al-Ruwaik base:
This route will be militarily costly due to the desert climate, because it will put Ansar Allah’s equipment and forces within the reach of the coalition air force. Therefore, it does not seem that Ansar Allah will make the final attack on Marib from this route. However, this route is important for imposing a siege on Marib or controlling al-Safer oil resources.

4- Moving from the south of Marib:
The Murad tribes are among the main and staunch supporters of the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood and the resigned government of Mansour Hadi in Marib, who generally reside in the southern and central district of Marib province. Although it is difficult and time consuming for Ansar Allah to cross this route, but while reducing the Saudi coalition power on other fronts, it leads to the decrease of the coalition popularity among the people of Marib. The heights of Jabal Murad district, and the two bases of Rabish and al-Khashina are also among the important points of these areas, the clearing of which is considered as the control of the south of Marib province.

5- Moving from the western route:
The main axis of entry into the city of Marib for Ansar Allah is the Sanaa-Marib road and the Sarwah-Marib road. Ansar Allah’s domination of the Marib Dam and its western heights could lead to the surrender of the city without conflict. In this regard, Ansar Allah must push back the Saudi-led coalition forces from the bases of Sahn al-Jinn, Tadawin and the third military zone.

As we have mentioned before, Ansar Allah does not seek to impose defeat on the Saudi coalition and push them back to control Marib, but seeks to consolidate the coalition’s defeat in the region, end Mansour Hadi’s belligerence, and reject their (Muslim Brotherhood) ideology for the model of governing Yemen.
Nevertheless, Ansar Allah used to consider the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood as one of the political factions and wanted to interact with them. However, this faction has not shown flexibility in its actions with Ansar Allah and even the southerners. Undoubtedly, Marib is their most important base, and with its liberation by Ansar Allah, the resigned government will face many problems in other areas under its control, which could eventually lead to the collapse of their current.

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