Deploying of Saudi Army in the Qatif province

Sunday 8 March 2020 - 21:59

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to COVID-19 outbreak, Saudi security forces have quarantined the Qatif province and have restricted traffic in it.

Due to the issues like Malik Salman’s absence for days and news about his death, Saudi princes detention, spreading the news about illness outbreak, closing or restricting the connecting roads with neighbor countries and … in recent days in Saudi Arabia, it seems that an important event will be happen in this country. The event that Shiites in Qatif should see it in the quarantine.
The Saudi critic media believe that Mohammad bin Salman before have had better situations for detention of princes, but why Muhammad bin Nayef and Ahmad bin Abdulaziz should be arrested now; and in accusation of treason and coup!

Qatif inhabitants and local media have denied Saudis’ claims based on spreading the disease from Qatif, and accuse the government of detaining dozens of this province inhabitants in recent days.

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