Marib negotiation result?

Sunday 15 March 2020 - 11:11

After Mahdi al-Mashar refused to meet with Griffiths, UN envoy in Yemen, he asked to meet with leader of AnsarAllah, in which AnsarAllah’s overall demands according to Sweden agreement such as lifting Yemen’s siege, reopening the airports, POW exchange, etc. were discussed.

Tribes supporting AnsarAllah in Marib however in meeting with Griffiths counted their conditions not to attack Marib as follows,
1. Freeing Marib tribes POWs who were abducted by Mansoor Hadi’s forces.
2. Leaving control of Marib to rescue government in Sanaa.
3. Reconnecting oil, gas and electricity to all Yemen’s provinces.
4. Reopening Sanaa-Marib road and facilitating traveling.

Finally Griffiths in security council session invited both sides to stop the engagement and resume the negotiations and accused AnsarAllah of war refugees in al Jawf. He also asked both sides to permit the access to cities Taiz, Marib and Hudaydah, therefore, UN’s unilateral endeavor to prevent engagements in Marib was fruitless.

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