Heavy blow to the body of Mansour Hadi forces in Al Yatmah

Monday, 16 March 2020 - 20:57

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to unknown airstrike to Mansour Hadi forces’s command headquarter in Al Yatmah, some commanders of these forces, were killed and wounded.

According to local sources report, in this attack Sheikh Askar Ali Ofan Sheikh Al Muslim (one of the fugitive chiefs of the Al Ghayl tribes) and two of the Qaraan tribe have been killed, and also Sheikh Amin Al Akimi (former government’s appointed governor for Al Jouf ), Ali Mohsen Al Hoda (operation commander in the north of Al Jouf), Sheikh Al Basha bin Hizam and several others seriously wounded.

Some sources have announced the reason of this attack the Saudi coalition mistake bombardment and some others have announced the drone or AnsarAllah missile as the reason of this attack.
AnsarAllah local and news sources have not published any news in this regard, yet. Due to the heavy casualties of Mansour Hadi forces in the Al Jawf fronts, they are likely to retreat from the Al Yatmah.

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