Yemeni Armed Forces press conference at the end of fifth year of war in Yemen

Tuesday, 24 March 2020 - 12:17

ISWNews Analysis Group: General Yahya al-Sari, Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson, in a press conference talked about the war in Yemen at its fifth year.

General Yahya al-Sari:
– People and tribes immobilization was important to fight with enemy.

– More than 257 thousand airstrikes were recorded by us until 14 March 2020, from which 6,657 airstrikes happened in the fifth year and 1,225 in the last three months.
– More than 5,278 offensive operations launched against the enemy since the start of the war, from which 1,686 operations were in 2019 and 227 in 2020.

– 5,426 of enemy’s operations neutralized, from which 1,226 operations in 2019 and 48 in 2020 were neutralized.
– Our missile force fired more than 1,067 missiles to enemy, from which 410 missiles targeted critical and military points in Saudi Arabia and UAE and 630 to enemy military positions inside Yemen’s soil.
– In 2019, 110 missile operations performed, from which 64 fired in December. The missiles are fired independently and in one instance during operation “Nasr Min Allah”, 10 missiles launched at the same time.
– Missiles were models Qahir, Burkan, Badr, Quds-1, Nikal, Qasem, Zulfaqar.

– Our armed forces gained invaluable experiences in developing missile systems which will be unveiled soon.

– 73 drone-artillery operations, 11 missile-drone operations and one joint operation between three forces.
– Our drones launched 4,116 operations, from which 669 were offensive and 3,490 intelligence operations.
– In current year drones launched 160 operations, from which 66 inside Saudi Arabia soil and 94 were inside Yemen soil.
– In a particular operation, 10 drones were utilized simultaneously.
– Our air defense systems launched 721 operations against enemies planes including shooting down fighters and repelling them.
– In 350 operations enemy had to leave the airspace.
– In the last month 64 operations against enemy warplanes including shooting down a Tornado.
– More than 371 planes including 371 military helicopters and Apaches and 318 spy drones shot down.

– From the beginning of the war, our navy and coast guard performed more than 29 operations against ships, vessels, and enemy’s navy, the most prominent ones, targeting warships Dammam (Saudi’s), Swift (UAE’s) among others.
Also some ships violating Yemen’s sovereignty were confiscated.

– From the beginning of the war our snipers performed 40,292 operations against enemy.

– Our engineering and anti armor unit launched more than 13,155 operation against enemy, from which 7,472 operations by engineering unit and 5,683 by anti armor unit.
– More than 450 engineering operation and 1,305 anti armor operations in this year.
– More than 5,487 armored and military vehicles, tanks, etc. made in USA, France and UK were destroyed or damaged.
– Due to high vehicles destruction number in Yemen, it is called “graveyard of assaulters”.

– More than 10 thousand soldiers and enlisted of the enemy are killed and injured, from which 4,200 deaths belong to Saudi army and more than 1,240 deaths and injured belong to UAE but UAE only claimed 120.
– More than 8,000 Sudanese mercenaries were killed and injured, from which 4,253 is Sudanese deaths.
– Some other casualties belong to Persian Gulf and Arabic states and foreign countries such as south American and Australia who formally helped enemy.
– In 2019 and this year so far, enemy’s casualties reached 22 thousand deaths and injured.

– Enemy’s damages and casualties are very high and only in the third military zone (Marib and Shabwah) more than 22,570 soldiers killed and injured.
– Our armed forces emphasize on defending the people, nation, religion and liberating the whole Yemen.
– Enemies should know that in case of continuing the siege and war, they should receive harder blows.
– Yemeni armed forces have strategic reservoir of weapons, missiles, etc., and we assure that we can increase the number significantly in a short time.

– We tell our leader Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, that in the sixth year of war, we are ready to launch any operation against the enemy.
– We have full strength to perform special operations against enemy’s financial targets and blow serious damages to enemies.
– We invite all honorable people of north and south to do their religious and national duty in the field of independence and freedom.

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