Latest Updates on Libya, 10 May 2020 (Map Update)

Monday, 11 May 2020 - 10:41

Latest news from the Libya’s fronts

1. Tripoli:
– Clashes between the Government of National Accord (GNA) forces and the Libyan National Army (LNA) continue in Salah ad-Din, Ain Zarah area.
– Clashes between the GNA and the LNA were reported near the al-Hamzah base.

2. The casualties of LNA rocket attacks on the Mitiga International Airport:
– 3 were killed and 12 injured.
– During this rocket attack, the fuel depot at Mitiga Airport and two planes and the airport terminal building was targeted.

3. Yefren:
– The GNA UAVs struck the al-Watiyah airbase 9 times in the recent days.
– During the GNA strikes on the al-Watiyah airbase, 5 military vehicle were destroyed and 13 personnel killed.

4. According to GNA media, from the beginning of month of Ramadan until now 34 were killed in Tripoli and 80 injured.

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