Latest Updates on Iraq, 11 May 2020

Tuesday 12 May 2020 - 10:13

ISWNews Analysis Group: The battle between ISIS and Iraqi forces is continuing in north and west of the country.

The latest news of the clashes between ISIS and Iraqi forces, are so:

1. Two ISIS members were arrested by Hashd al-Shaabi (PMU) forces in the Mosul dam and al-Shurah area.

2. Two ISIS members were arrested by Iraqi forces, during a security operation in Wadi Tharthar.

3. During Hashd al-Shaabi operation in the Nineveh province, 15 ISIS members were arrested.

4. Iraqi Army warplanes targeted the ISIS gathering place in Mosul.

5. The ISIS attack on a police checkpoint in Miqdadiyah, (located in Diyala province) ended with no casualties.

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