Latest Updates on Iraq, 16 May 2020

Saturday, 16 May 2020 - 21:08

ISWNews Analysis Group: ISIS and Iraqi forces confrontation continues in north and west of the country.

1. Diyala:
– Martyrdom of 4 and wounding 6 Hasd al-Shaabi forces in ISIS attack on al-Maytah village in the al-Adhim region, located in north of Diyala.
– ISIS attack on the Shaqraq village in the north of al-Meqdadiyah, was failed by Hashad al-Shaabi. Two Hashd al-Shaabi forces were martyred during these clashes.

2. Neineveh:
During Iraqi forces airstrike on ISIS positions in the west of al-Hadhar, 4 ISIS members were killed.

3. Al-Anbar:
– During the clashes between Iraqi army and ISIS in the Al Bou Alwan village in the al-Anbar desert, 4 military vehicles of army
have been destroyed.
– Iraqi forces started the searching and clearing operation in the 60 km region of Salijiyah.

4. Salah al-Din:
Hashad al-Shaabi forces start a new security opeation in the al-Zarkah region and its suburb villages.

5. Kirkuk:
During ISIS members attack on al-Dibs, a police officer was wounded.

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