Big Turkish Military Convoy Entering Hama Governorate in Morek to Set Up New Observation Posts + Map of Observation Posts

Sunday 8 April 2018 - 19:33

Islamic World News Analysis Group: A big Turkish military convoy including armored and construction vehicles to set up new observation posts enter Hama governorate yesterday for the first time.

According to released photos by oppositions this convoy consists of more than 50 armored and construction vehicles of Turkish Army and a considerable number of forces and enter Morek region with the escort of Ahrar al Sham terrorists.


From past days, Turkish military and consulters were in the region and upon arrival of this convoy new observation posts in three points of Morek-Lahaya-Latmin at closest distance with the front between Syrian Army and militia are erected.


It is noteworthy that aforementioned observation posts are established based on the “De-Escalation Zone” agreement in Astana summit and after the latest meeting of presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey.


From 13 October 2017 which is the formal date of Turkey entering west of Syria so far, twelve observation posts in Aleppo, Idlib and Hama governorates are erected.


In the map, Turkish observation posts are shown by Turkish flag; as it can be seen with the new observation posts in Morek region, the process of establishing a series of observation posts along the Syrian Army front with militia from Andan in west of Aleppo to Morek in north of Hama is finished and it is anticipated that the next phase of Astana agreement is implemented in near future.


Photos showing Turkish military convoy entering Morek.

Download map

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