Latest Updates on Iraq, 19 May 2020

Wednesday, 20 May 2020 - 12:45

ISWNews Analysis Group: ISIS and Iraqi forces confrontation continues in north and west of the country.

1. Diyala:
During the explosion of a car in the suburb of al- Miqdadiah, a police officer was martyred.

2. Salah al-Din:
– Due to ISIS attack on an Iraqi Army vehicle in the west of al-Siniah city, located in the suburb of Biji, one Iraqi force martyred.
– The searching and clearing operation in the southwestern regions of Samarra by Hashad al-Shaabi.
– During Hashd al-Shaabi operation named as “Aswad al-Jazeera”, the western desert of Salah al-Din was cleared of ISIS members. In this operation, 3 ISIS members were killed, and their equipment was seized and their headquarter was destroyed.

3. Neineveh:
– The Iraqi intelligence forces arrested 2 ISIS terrorists in the al-Shura region, in the south of Mosul.
– During explosion of landmine in the path of Hashd al-Shaabi forces in the Bastamli village(in the suburb of al-Touz), one person was martyred and two others were wounded.

4. Baghdad:
During the explosion of Iraqi forces military vehicle in the Salman Baak region(suburb of Madain), some of Iraqi forces were martyred and wounded.

5. Babil:
The infiltration of ISIS members into the al-Awisat region (suburb of Jurf al-Nasr) was failed by Hashad al-Shaabi. During this clashes, one Hashd al-Shaabi forces was wounded.

6. Kirkuk:
– During the bomb explosion in the Hashd al-Ashaeri forces truck in the Baria al-Abbasi region(west of Hawija), one person was wounded.
– During the ISIS attack on Iraqi forces in Daqouq, one person was martyred.

7. Al-Anbar:
The intelligence forces arrested 4 ISIS members in the al-Qaim.

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