Deal of the Century… No!

Thursday 21 May 2020 - 23:22

“Changing the beliefs is not like changing the home decoration” The title of the project that was called “the Deal of the Century”, because of Trump’s imperialistic actions, has been one of the most controversial political issues in the world, especially in the west Asian region, for a long time . The American-Zionist Lobby infantry, […]

“Changing the beliefs is not like changing the home decoration”

The title of the project that was called “the Deal of the Century”, because of Trump’s imperialistic actions, has been one of the most controversial political issues in the world, especially in the west Asian region, for a long time . The American-Zionist Lobby infantry, in the shape of writers and peaceful analysts, are doing the task of extensive propaganda for decorating this project, and are nonstop trying to show that they have solved the Palestinian issue and to present the US as the superhero for the Palestinian people rescue. There’s not almost any week that Western strategic study centers and Arabic-language think tanks affiliated to them, not publish an article about the Deal of the Century and not call it as the only solution for the Palestinian issue. The solution that is a cure for the Palestine wound, according to their idea; but in fact tears the curtain of the independence and dignity of historic Palestine, and makes it forgotten forever, in favor of the Zionist government.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance and its supporters have intensely rejected this plan and have expressed their opposition. The Islamic Revolution leadership has said in this regard: “The Americans have made a deal with the Zionists about something that does not belong to them. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and the decision making about it, is for them.”

Russia, beside some of Arab countries like Egypt and Jordan, are among this plan opponents, and they have also announced their opposition with this issue. The Lebanese Hezballah secretary general Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah also considered the US withdrawal from the JCPOA and returning of sanctions against Iran, as signs of US planning for implementing the Deal of the Century, and expressed pessimism about it. The public protests and marching against this plan were also held all around the world including Europe, Latin America, the Persian Gulf states and African countries. This means that people around the world defend the Palestine identity and beliefs, and announcing their anger and disgust of the usurper Zionist regime.

The question is that, if this project wants to solve the conflicts and end the 72-years displacement of the Palestinian people, why the Palestinian Resistance groups are rejecting it? Hamas has said this plan is an occupying and Zionist plan, and is for Jewishization of Palestine, and has called the Arab and Islamic countries leaders to do serious action against it. Hamas emphasizes that the Palestinian nation will determine their own destiny, by continuing the struggle and resistance; and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has also announced that the Americans want the Palestinian people surrender to the occupying Zionist regime, after decades of struggle and sacrifice. The US thinks that as they change their homes decoration, they can change the people history and beliefs, too.

But regarding to principles of this plan, we should examine the issues, in order to show its awful depth. The Deal of the Century has two sections, that has been presented with the title of “economic framework” and “political framework.”

Economic section

The economic framework of Deal of the Century was presented in June 2019, during holding the Manama economic workshop in Bahrain. According to the plan that was released by the White House two days before this conference, the economic framework of Deal of the Century includes three parts:
– Releasing the economic potentials through building the growth infrastructure and commercial investment
– Empowering the Palestinian nation by reinforcement of educational services
– Reinforcement of Palestinian sovereignty by providing a better performance environment

In the economic section of the Deal of the Century, the Trump divided the costs of implementing this plan between the countries that had before formed a coalition with the US. For implementing the Deal of the Century, was estimated 50 billion dollars. The US announced it will set up a fund with 50 billion worth, that will be used for investment and building infrastructure. 28 million dollars of this amount, will be allocated to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Political section

The political section of the Deal of the Century was unveiled on January 28, 2020 by Trump.This section includes 22 chapters, that all of the Palestinian dispute issues have been presented in it.
In case of implementing these two parts, we will see the following consequences:
– The Jewish state will be established in historic Palestine, and the Palestinian state will recognize it, without that its location be specified.
– Quds (Jerusalem) will be the Jewish state capital, and the Palestinians will have the suburb of Quds that is called “Abu Dis”, as capital.
– The Palestinian state will not be established, but will be examined the preparations for creation of a state without army in some parts of the West Bank, that is less than 40 percent of it, during long-term negotiations.
– The displaced Palestinians will no longer have right of returning to Palestine.
– The Resistance will be called as terrorism and will be introduced to Palestinian young people, as terrorism in educational texts.
– The Palestinians will be deprived of the armed resistance right, and the Gaza strip should be empty from the Resistance weapon. Now, this region will be an isolated region with no connection to the outside world.
– The US will announce illegal, any Palestinian right for joining to the UN.
– The Palestinians will be deprived of their lands that are in the 1948 lands, and instead will be given them the lands in the Negev desert.
– The Arab countries of the region will establish official relations with this regime, beside recognizing the the Jewish people state.
– Instead of political right, the economic facilities will be given to Palestinians that are living in the historic land of Palestine
– In suburb of the Gaza Strip in the Sinai desert, will be established industrial towns , in order to population in Gaza go there, for work.
– Will be paid amounts of money to the margine countries of Palestinian, to maintain the Palestinian displaceds in their countries.
– The Jordan plain will remain under the Israel control; as it’s so now.
– The Jordanian Ghour road (Apartheid road) will be completed, and the Palestinians use this path, and this path connects the new Palestine to Jordan, and this path is under Palestinians monitoring.

About the Jordanian Ghour (valley) and the road that was mentioned, we should say that the Israeli bulldozers are preparing the land outside the Israeli towns, in order to build this new road, that only the Zionist settlers will use it. Israel wants to turn the Jordan river valley region(that forms the one third of West Bank) to a region that is dependent on Israel, completely; to prevent from regional connection between the Palestinian future state and other Arab countries.

It’s be cleared from what was said that this demand is practically rejected by the Palestinian people, that have the right for making decision about the political and economic and social system of their historic country. But on the other hand, the Zionist regime, because of its failures against Intifadhah and Gaza 22-days war and the Palestinian Mujahedin struggle continuation, that can’t negotiate with them, has demanded the help of the US. The US, that sees its strategy for managing and controlling the Islamic world dependent on the forming a new Middle east that is Israeil-based, entered to practical phase of this deal, unilateraly and in an awful action with transfering the embassy to Jerusalem; and tries to induce this plan to Palestinians in physical square and by soft war.

Summarily, the Deal of the Century is only for the forming of Jewish state and normalizing of the relations between the Arab countries and west Asia and Israel; it destroys the Palestinians prestige and independence. It draws a red line on strong ideology of Resistance and induces to Palestine that you’re tired of struggle and now, it’s the time for compromise and your comfortable life!
This is where the Western intellectual infantry try to end more than 70 years of beliefs and struggle and to confiscate the truth; by promises of better material life on the Mediterranean coasts and promoting the educational level and riding luxury cars in Israel streets that have been built according to the latest global standards.

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