Latest Updates on Yemen, 23 May 2020 (Map Update)

Saturday, 23 May 2020 - 19:52

Saudi-led coalition forces on the western fronts of Ma’rib and al-Jawf have launched attacks on Ansar Allah positions, which followed by Ansar Allah counterattacks.

These attacks, which have been accompanied by the extensive Saudi coalition airstrikes (more than 37 times) on the Madghal and Majzar districts and al-Khasf area and the al-Labanat bases, have so far failed to make notable progress and the fall of villages and heights near the al-Labanat base is not true.
Also, Ansar Allah has attacked the areas of Alam al-Abyadh and Alam al-Aswad in the eastern direction of al-Labanat base, which has not yet led to any advances.

The capture of these areas along with al-Rayyan or al-Kanais base will be important, as it indicates Ansar Allah’s plan for a new advance in the Marib province or al-Safer oil field.

Currently, the Ansar Allah operation is continuing west of Marib and east of al-Jawf province.

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