Latest Updates on Libya, 25 May 2020

Monday 25 May 2020 - 17:56

Latest news from the Libya’s frontlines

1. Bani Walid:
– GNA claimed Russian Wagner forces left south of Tripoli battle with seven flights from Bani Walid to east of Libya. The number was said to be 1,600.
– A Wing Loong drone of LNA was shot down by GNA near Bani Walid. (image)

2. LNA forces gathered in towns Mazdah and Shaqiqa to prepare to attack Gharyan and reclaiming Asabeah.

3. Misrata:
According to LNA media, Turkish airplanes brought 301 Syrian militants to Misrata airport.

4. Marzuq:
ISIS terrorists attacked LNA station in Taraghin.

5. Tripoli:
– GNA reclaimed Abyar street from LNA.
– GNA attack to south of Yarnuk base in direction of Hadhbah road.

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