Turkish Army Launches New Operation in Northern Iraq

Wednesday 17 June 2020 - 08:48

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkey has launched Operation Claw-Tiger against terrorist groups in northern Iraq, the Turkish National Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday.

Based on the information provided; The Turkish army has launched the operation against the PKK group in the Haftanin area of Dohuk province in northern Iraq.
The Turkish ministry said on Twitter that Turkish forces are already in Iraq’s Haftanin region, adding the operation is taking place in order to neutralize the PKK and other terrorist groups that threaten the security of Turkish people and borders.

Operation Claw-Tiger began today, while the Turkish military launched another air operation called “Claw-Eagle” in northern Iraq on Monday, targeting areas like Sinjar, Bradust heights, Makhmour, Hakurk, Karacak and Qandil mountains.

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