Military Knowledge: Kowsar Fighter Jet + Images

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 - 20:03

Kowsar fighter is a third generation fighter with fourth generation avionics that has been fully localized in Iran to carry out close air support missions and it has placed Iran among the few countries with the technology to design and build fighter jets with 4th generation avionics systems.

On June 25, 2020, during an official ceremony, three Kowsar fighter jets were delivered to the Iranian Air Force. Kowsar fighter is made in two types of single cabin and two cabins, the two-cabin type of which, in addition to combat capability, is used to train pilots in the advanced stage.

This fighter uses a native Iranian turbojet engine called “Owj”. Owj is the first jet engine made in Iran that can fly up to 50,000 feet and can be mounted on a variety of birds with a maximum lift weight of 10 tons. The fighter also uses advanced 4th generation avionics and fire control systems.

– Crew: 2
– Length: 14.45 meters (47ft 4¾in)
– Wingspan: 26 feet 8 inches (8.13 meters) – 27 ft 11.875 in (8.53123 m) with wing-tip missiles
– Height: 4.08 meters (13ft 4½in)
– Wing area: 17.28 square meters (186 ft²)
– Empty weight: 4,349 kg (9,558lb)
– Gross weight: 7,157 kg (15,745lb)
– Max takeoff weight: 9,312 kg (20,486lb)
– Powerplant: 2× Owj afterburning turbojet engines (based on J85-GE-21B engine)

– Maximum speed: 1.6 Mach (917kn, 1,060mph, 1,700 km / h)
– The declared range by the Ministry of Defense: 1100 km (F5-E has a range of 1405 km)
– Combat radius (20 min reserve): 172 km with 2 Fatir missiles (Iranian Sidewinder model) plus 2400 kg of weapons, with 5 minutes combat at max power at sea level
– Ferry range: 2900 km with three external fuel tanks
– Ferry range (20 min reserve: 2000 km drop tanks retained
– Ferry range (20 min reserve: 2300 km drop tanks jettisoned
– Service ceiling: 15,800 meters (51,800 ft)
– Rate of climb: 175 meters per second (34,400 ft / min)
– Radar: Grifo radar (an Italian radar, Chinese model or its domestic production has been used) with a range of 93 km and the ability to engage with two simultaneous targets.

– Hardpoints: 7 total; 2× wing-tip AAM launch rails, 4× under-wing & 1× under-fuselage pylon stations with a capacity of 3200 kg.
– Cannon: One 20 mm cannon in the nose
– Missiles, Rockets and bombs: 2× 250 kg bombs or 5× 450 kg bombs or 2× 900 kg bombs and all kinds of Hydra rocket launchers and its Iranian models and Simorgh cluster bomb and up to 4 Fatir (Sidewinder) air-to-air missiles

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