Details of Ansar Allah recent missile attack to HQ of Saudi coalition special forces in Marib

Friday 4 September 2020 - 22:22

ISWNews Analysis Group: The attack took place on 27 August 2020 which resulted in several tens killed and injured from Al Qaeda and Saudi coalition.

According to local sources in Marib, Ansar Allah used one missile and two suicide drones to attack HQ of special forces of Mansoor Hadi army in Marib.

The attack was done when terrorists of Al Qaeda retreated from Qifah area to Marib due to Ansar Allah operation in north of Baydha province, and entered the base. During this attack ten military vehicles of Al Qaeda terrorists were attacked and 17 Al Qaeda terrorists and Saudi coalition forces were killed and 35 others injured.

It is said there was a main leader of Al Qaeda, Abu Osamah al-Sanaani, among them whose status is unknown.

Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist groups launched more than 327 operations against Ansar Allah in north of Baydha province from 2015 to 2020 including assassination, bombing, sabotaging roads, abducting and attacking security forces.

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