Details of Ansar Allah operation against ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists in northwest of Baydha

Saturday, 22 August 2020 - 12:15

ISWNews Analysis Group: General Yahya al-Sari’, Yemeni armed forces spokesperson, unveiled more details regarding Ansar Allah and popular committees recent operation against terrorist groups ISIS and Al-Qaeda in northwest of Baydha province.

Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’ said during the conference:
“- Our operation targeted the most important and dangerous Takfiri terrorists who were following coalition of enemies. Enemy states provided the Takfiris in north of Baydha financial support, medical and military equipment, and aerial support.
We have documents and evidences that show Al-Qaeda and ISIS helped mercenaries (Mansour Hadi resigned government and southern forces).
In this operation, which took a week, enemy warplanes launched several tens of airstrikes against our forces.

– In this operation 1,000 km2 land was liberated from ISIS and Al-Qaeda occupation and 14 bases of enemy, from which eight was under control of Al Qaeda and six under occupation of ISIS were liberated.

– More than 250 terrorists with foreign citizenship killer, injured or captured. There are five high rank commander and security agents of ISIS among the killed ones.

– Our evidences show the relationship and collaboration between terrorists with Saudis and foreign countries to operate against us.
USA, Saudi Arabia and UAE are the biggest supporters of terrorists.

– We comfort the families victim of ISIS and Al-Qaeda that we blow the terrorists severely and revenged the martyrs. We appreciate the important role of elders and tribes of Baydha province, specially Wald al-Rabi’ and Quraishiyah districts.
Al-Baydha showed its pledge to national interest, freedom and independence of Yemen by its loyal men and free youth. It will be recorded in our history.”

According to our local sources, Ansar Allah intelligence was collecting information on terrorist groups ISIS and Al-Qaeda since 2018. Al-Qaeda and ISIS with help of Saudi officers and recruiting members from Pakistan and other countries tried to occupy Baydha province from four axes:
1. Nate’ and Nu’man districts,
2. Quraishiyah and Wald al-Rabi’ districts,
3. Mukayris and south of Baydha under the command of of Salih al-Shajiri,
4. South of Marib and Radman district under the command of Yaser al-Awadhi;
which defeated by Ansar Allah and and popular committees forces.

The images showing the first report by Ansar Allah media of the operation against Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Qifah area, northwest of Baydha province that proves Saudi Arabia and USA support for terrorism.

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