Yemen: Latest Updates in Baydha Front, 12 August 2020 (Map Update)

Wednesday 12 August 2020 - 21:50

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah and popular committees could liberate vast areas from Al Qaeda and ISIS in northwest of Baydha province.

According to latest updates from battles in north of Baydha front, Ansar Allah liberated areas Al-Qifah, Wadi Za’aj, Dhi Kaleb, Al-Hamidhah, Jawf Al-Naqba, Qora, Al-Dhahra and Al-Muqallid from Al Qaeda and ISIS control.

In south of Marib front, Ansar Allah stabilized its sovereignty on Camb base and areas Shajab and Majza’ and liberated Hayd al-Thor mountain from Saudi coalition control.
Ansar Allah operation continues in northwest of Baydha and main areas such as Qifah and Dhi Kaleb were liberated from ISIS and Al Qaeda.

At the moment only a few villages such as Yakla, Bahran, Al-Jarif, Ramm and heights such as Wabr Ramam, Al-Sa’yim, Bolbol and… are still occupied by ISIS and Al Qaeda which is predicted to be liberated soon.
Saudi coalition warplanes launched more than 22 air strikes on northwest of Baydha and south of Marib fronts, from which 17 were to provide aerial support for ISIS and Al Qaeda.

In Ansar Allah operation against ISIS and Al Qaeda several tens of terrorists have been killed, among which there are commanders such as Abu Hafs Al-Pakistani, Abu Tamim Al-Qaifi, Al-Turki, Salem Al-Amiri, Abu Hussein Al-Amiri (a prominent Al Qaeda commander in Yemen) and Abu Suraymah (ISIS emir in Quraishiyah). The situation of Abu Muhammad al-Hadhrami, Al Qaeda commander in Baydha, is not clear and some said he fled to Marib after being injured in the battle.


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