Reconciliation Agreement in Northern Homs or Military Operation?!

Wednesday 2 May 2018 - 17:48

Islamic World News Analysis Group: From yesterday,there was talk of a reconciliation agreement in northern Homs pocket(al-Rastan pocket), However, no agreement has yet been made.

Yesterday, Syrian government media reported a ceasefire agreement in al-Rastan pocket. The main conditions of the agreement are as follows:

– Delivery of medium and heavy weapons to the Syrian army.

– The settlement of the militants who wishing to settle.

– Evacuation of the all terrorists with their families to Jarablus and Idlib.

Reopening of Homs-Hamah highway to facilitate agreement implementation.


After the announcement of the agreement, the terrorist groups and the Tahrir-al-Sham (Jabhat al-Nusrah,al-Qaeda branch in Syria) group, which is  the main active group in the north of Homs, refused the agreement and the evacuation conditions.

On the other hand, residents of some areas in northern Homs protested against the militants decision for refusing the government offers…


In any case, there is still no comprehensive agreement between the Syrian army and the militant groups; negotiations continue.

However, the Syrian army has set a deadline for the militant groups to announce their final decision in the coming days and if the agreement is not reached, a massive military operation will begin in northern Homs and western Salamiyah.


It should be noted that in recent days, large convoys of the Syrian army have come from Damascus to Homs and are preparing themselves for a vast military operation.



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