The Syrian Army Operation in al-Rastan Pocket and Advancing in This Axis

Tuesday 17 April 2018 - 16:58

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After liberation of Taqsis village in Rastan pocket, the Syrian army operation in this axis continue with liberation of news villages

From yesterday, as well as today, SAA & NDF managed to advance in 3 axis in Rastan pocket and liberate several area.

The liberation of these areas is promising to extend this operation to the liberation of al-Rastan and Talbisah.


Areas in west of Qubat al Kurdi such as Wadi al Habiya, Ardh Qabr al Shaykha, Dhahrat al Jababi, Dhahrat al Jasiya, Ardh al Jasiya, Wadi al Qarbat were liberated.
Areas in south of Qubaybat al Asi such as Jinn Mountain, Kharbat Barbara , Tal Na`urah were liberated.

al Hamrat located north of Salamiyah-Mushrafah road liberated.


Interactive Map: Here


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