More companies stopped sending UAV equipment to Turkey

Friday 6 November 2020 - 12:35

Due to the pressure of Armenian lobbies in European countries and the United States, more companies stopped sending military equipment used in UAVs to Turkey.

The American company Garmin stopped sending GPS equipment used in UAVs to Turkey.
The American company Trimble Navigation also stopped sending GPS equipment to Turkey after finding parts of the company in the Turkish drone and facing protests.

Earlier, Canadian officials stopped sending equipment used in Turkish drones.
Canadian companies Bombardier and L3Harris WESCAM have stopped shipping equipment used on Bayraktar drones. L3Harris WESCAM is a subsidiary of the well-known US of Defense company L3Harris and one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of electro-optical / infrared imaging and targeting sensor systems worldwide.

Austria also stopped sending UAV equipment to Turkey.

With the withdrawal of countries supplying Turkish UAV parts, the role of Israel in the Turkish UAV industry and the supply of Turkish UAV parts is likely to become more colorful.

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