Latest Updates on Karabakh, 16 November 2020

Monday, 16 November 2020 - 18:59

– Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s draft decree on sending the Turkish military to a ceasefire monitoring center in Azerbaijan submitted to the Turkish Parliament
Russian and Turkish diplomats talked over presence of Turkish forces in Karabakh last week in Ankara. Turkey demands to be present militarily at front lines and to have monitoring center inside Karabakh conflict zone but Russia opposes. The negotiation finished yesterday but no statement came out of it and it is not clear if it will continue or not.
A diplomatic source claimed that Russia and Turkey agreed on a monitoring center in Barda town. Therefore Erdogan’s draft submitted to the parliament is interpreted in the same sense and confirms it. It is noteworthy that Barda is out of Karabakh conflict zone and it means Turkey could not convince Russia to have a monitoring post inside Karabakh conflict zone.

– Nikol Pashinyan, Armenian PM, claimed he won’t resign. He asked Armenian forces at front lines to come to Yerevan and confront with protests against him, in an ambiguous message. After Karabakh peace agreement, vast protests formed against Pashinyan and accepting the peace agreement. The protests continue after several days in Yerevan. In the last two days some political leaders were arrested for the charge of attempting to assassinate Pashinyan.

– Process of deploying the Russian peacekeeping forces and military equipment to Karabakh is continuing. It is predicted it will be over in a week. Goris area near Lachin corridor is Russia’s temporary base in Armenia for the gathering of the forces and equipment and sending them inside Karabakh, at the moment.

– Russian president, Putin, awarded three crews of a Mi-24 helicopter which was shot down over Nakhchivan border with medal of courage. In that incident two Russian forces killed and one injured.

– Releasing new images of Armenian forces in mount Muruvdag and matching them with satellite images show that Azerbaijan forces did not have any advance in mount Muruvdag, north of Karabakh and their only advance is in Talish and Madaghis(Suguvushan) area. So the front line was corrected in the new map of the area.

A picture released by the Azerbaijani forces from inside the territory of Azerbaijan in the northern part of the Nagorno-Karabakh region on October 4
A picture was released on November 15th of the presence of Armenian forces in the Muruvdag Mountain
Map of North Karabakh
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