Possibility of a new US and Israeli attack on the positions of the PMF in Iraq

Thursday 14 January 2021 - 13:26

ISWNews Analysis Group: Amir Abdul Moneim al-Saadi, a security expert, warned that US or Israeli aircraft may target positions of PMF forces on the border with Syria in the coming weeks.

Al-Saedi said: If anyone is killed or injured in these attacks, the government is responsible for the bloodshed due to the obligation and justification of the Americans to stay away from these areas. The government and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces must be aware of what is happening in the skies of Iraq, because the lack of control over the airspace is a tragedy that is unbearable and the media cannot remain silent in this regard.

He added that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, which are present on the border with Syria, are often attacked by US and Zionist air forces, while the government is in hibernation.

The security expert stressed that the government should inform the American side of the Hashad al-Shaabi bases in these areas and oblige them to stay away from these areas.

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