Latest Updates on north of Iraq, 4 May 2021

Tuesday 4 May 21 - 22:28

ISWNews Analysis Group: PKK militants and Turkish Army forces conflict is continuing in north of Iraq and both sides confessed to kill and injury of their forces.

PKK media releasing a footage claimed that Turkish Army is attacked on Pramit height, Avashin area and after four Turkish troops killed, PKK forces plundered some of their light and heavy ammos, one night vision goggle and one communication system.

PKK reported of 28 Turkish troops and one Turkish officer killed in different points of Khantur area. In a footage released by PKK, body of a Turkish soldier is shown. Two PKK troops kills confirmed.

Turkish DM reported of discovering and destroying several safe havens and ammos of PKK. It is reported that 53 PKK militants were killed so far in north of Iraq due to Operation Pence-Simsek.

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