Latest Updates on Yemen 26 May 2018; Situation of Fronts

Sunday 27 May 18 - 11:57

“Image: The bombing of the oil company station at al-Sab`ein Square in Sanaa”

1- AnsarAllah drone strike at Abha airport in Asir (in south KSA).

Due this attack, all flights of airport have been canceled.


2- In al-Hudaydah front, al-Faza (west of al-Tuhayta) has fallen and the clashes in al-Husseiniyah crossroad (northwest of al-Tuhayta) and al-Qawayba (in northern al-Tuhayta) continues.

After heavy resistance of Ansarallah in Tuhaytah, the Saudi-led coalition forces decided to encircle Tuhayta by capturing the Husseiniyah and by that, they trying to cut the Ansarallah supply road in al Jarrahi-Zubayd-Tuhaytah.


3- Khalid al-Yamani, the newly appointed Foreign Minister of the resigned government of Mansour Hadi:

“The Houthis weapons and missiles must be handed over, and there is no room for dialogue or negotiation about them,” he said. “Heavy and medium weapons should be handed over, and those militias must be withdrawn.”


4. The other fronts have not changed so far.

Also, the news about the siege of al-Kadhah in Taiz is not true considering the geographical situation and military conditions.



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