Yemen: Latest updates on Baydha front, 14 July 2021

Wednesday 14 July 2021 - 12:12

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah continues to clear Al-Zaher and Al-Samaah districts from the Mansour Hadi forces and the militants of the al-Qaeda terrorist group.

According to the latest news, Ansar Allah has succeeded in consolidating the victories in Al-Zaher and Al-Ghoul and is moving towards the villages of Al-Habaj and Al-Barman.

According to the agreement of the representatives of the Yafi tribes with Ansar Allah, the village of Al Barman is probably the last step of Ansar Allah in the district of Al-Zaher and the conflicts will not be transferred to the district of Yafi; Unless the Yafi tribes go to war with Ansar Allah on behalf of the Saudi-led forces.

Also, in the Al-Sawmaah district fronts, news about the siege of the center of this district by Ansar Allah has is not correct. According to IWN field information, Ansar Allah is gathering forces and launching operations in this axis, and it is possible that Al-Aqlah, Al-Dhamra and then Al-Sawmaah district center will be Ansar Allah’s next steps to clear this district.

So far, Ansar Allah drone and missile forces have had good coverage of Operation Nasr al-Mobin, and Mansour Hadi forces logistics behind the lines in al-Juba, south of Ma’rib and Yafi in Lahj province, have been targeted. This accurate observation indicates Ansar Allah’s complete domination of the situation, and this factor increases the possibility of a smooth operation to clear the districts of Al-Zaher and Al-Sawmaah.

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