Details of AnsarAllah “Fajr al-Hurriyah Operation” in Al-Baydha Province (Map Update)

Thursday 23 September 2021 - 14:07

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to information provided by the spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces, about 2,500 kilometers from the western part of the province was liberated during the large-scale operation “Fajr al-Hurriya” to completely clear Al-Baydha province of Takfiri terrorists.

During Operation Fajr al-Hurriya, the administrations of al-Musawara, al-Sawmaah, and Mukayras in the western part of al-Baydha province were completely freed from the Takfiri terrorists. Al-Musawara, al-Sawmaah administrations and parts of Mukayras administration have been the main gathering places and activities of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda in Yemen and the remnants of ISIS for many years.

It is worth noting that during Ansar Allah operations against terrorist elements in the region, Saudi coalition warplanes carried out more than 30 airstrikes against Ansar Allah in support of terrorist groups.

According to information provided by Yahya al-Sari’, a spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, the missile and drone units carried out 10 missile and drone strikes against positions of ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorist groups during the operation. Also, about 70 terrorist elements and mercenaries of the Saudi coalition were killed in the operation, and another 120 were wounded and 40 were captured.

Interactive map of Baydha

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