Yemen: Latest updates on Baydha front, 19 July 2021

Monday 19 July 2021 - 08:38

ISWNews Analysis Group: After 16 days of heavy fighting in the districts of Al-Sawma’ah and Al-Zaher, the Saudi-led operation in Al-Baydha province was defeated by Ansar Allah.

The operation of Mansour Hadi forces and the Al-Qaeda terrorist group began on July 2 under the name of Najm al-Thaqib, and Ansar Allah managed to repel their attacks after 16 days of heavy fighting. Ansar Allah missile and drone forces carried out 17 intelligence operations to gain accurate monitoring of the Saudi coalition’s power and equipment along the axis, and by conducting 57 missile and drone offensive operations, they destroyed the Saudi coalition’s military capability to advance the operation.

Of these, 4 operations were unveiled by the ISWNEWS, the statistics of which are as follows:
1- Ansar Allah missile attack on the gathering of Mansour Hadi forces and Al-Qaeda militants in the district of Al-Sawmaah, on July 6th.
2- Ansar Allah missile attack on the gathering of Mansour Hadi forces and Al-Qaeda militants in the Al-Sawmaah district center, on July 7th.
3- Ansar Allah drone attack on the positions of the Saudi coalition in the Yafeh area located in Lahj province, on July 10th.
4- Ansar Allah missile attack on the positions of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group in the town of Lodar, on July 13th.

According to the latest information, Ansar Allah has succeeded in stabilizing the progress on the Al-Zaher Front, and its control over Al-Habaj, Al-Ghoul and Al-Jardi is certain. In the district of the Al-Sawmaah, the lines of the conflict are located and fixed in the east of Al-Mahsar and Uwain areas. On this account, it can be said that the clamorous operation of the Saudi coalition was once again defeated by Ansar Allah and about 100 square kilometers of the areas of Al-Sawmaah and Al-Zaher came under the control of Ansar Allah.

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