Latest Military Situation in Baydha Province; 3 August 2021 (Map Update)

Tuesday 3 August 2021 - 21:13

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah and the Yemeni Popular Committees, in their latest military operation in the northern province of Baydha, managed to liberate an area of nearly 380 square kilometers in the districts of Nate’ and Nu’man.

The liberation of important heights of Aqabat al-Qonzo’ in the north of al-Baydha province is the turning point of this operation. Aqabat al-Qonzo’ has complete overlook over the southern regions of Bayhan and can be considered as the gateway to the city of Bayhan.

On the other hand, in the south of al-Baydha province, an area of about 120 square kilometers in the districts of al-Sawma’ah and al-Zaher were liberated from the occupation of al-Qaeda terrorists.

Yahya al-Sari, spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces at the strategic heights of Aqabat al-Qonzo’

It should be noted that Ansar Allah operations under the name of “Operation Al-Nasr Al-Mobin” in this province began after the Saudi coalition, armed the al-Qaeda terrorists and launched an operation with the aim of completely occupying al-Baydha province; However, this operation, like other operations of the Saudi coalition, was defeated by Ansar Allah, and of course, in the continuation, new areas were liberated by Ansar Allah counterattacks.

The operation launched by the Saudi coalition with the aim of completely occupying al-Baydha province led to the loss of more land for the Saudi coalition. Ansar Allah message is simple: If necessary, we have the ability to conduct military operations and advance, but we will wait. Do not test our patience!

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