Military Knowledge: ScanEagle Drone

Saturday 9 October 21 - 18:36

The ScanEagle is a long-endurance, low-altitude drone built by Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing, and is used for reconnaissance.

In year 2002, ScanEagle made its first successful flight. ScanEagle entered production at Boeing Aerospace, Oregon. In July 2004, the USMC contracted two aircraft to be flown to Iraq in September 2004. Under an agreement reached in April 2005, the United States Navy deployed ScanEagles on 25 destroyers and LSDs from July 2005.

The ScanEagle drone consists of five main interchangeable parts (modules): nose, body, avionics, wings and propulsion system (engine).

It has a cylindrical body with a diameter of 200 cm with wings drawn in the middle at the top of the body with a length of 3.5 meters. It can also be equipped with carburetor heating and a phobic ice wing cover for working in cold environments.

ScanEagle missions include intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), special services operations, escort operations, sea and caravan protection, protection of valuable facilities, audio, video and high-speed data relays.

The ScanEagle drone can be launched on land, at sea with a pneumatic catapult at a speed of 25 meters per second. It can also be launched from C-130 Hercules or V-22 Osprey in aerial launch operations.

ScanEagle recovery system is based on the proven SkyHook Recovery System, originally developed for the SeaScan UAV. The SkyHook recovery system uses a stop or jamming line in which the vehicle flies straight to approach the line of attachment and the hook mounted on the wing tip of the aircraft catches the line.

Specifications of ScanEagle drone:
Length: 1.71 meters
Wing length: 3.1 meters
Max takeoff weight: 22 kg
Maximum payload weight: 5 kg
Engine: 2-stroke 3W piston engine
Maximum range: 1500 km
Maximum speed: 148 km / h
Cruise speed: 111 km / h
Endurance: more than 24 hours
Service ceiling: 5943 meters
Origin: USA

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