Yemen: Jabal Murad District Was Liberated! (Map Update)

Wednesday 27 October 21 - 21:19

ISWNews Analysis Group: With the agreement of Ansar Allah and the Murad tribes, the district of Jabal Murad, located in the south of Marib province, was liberated from the control of the Saudi coalition.

The Murad tribes were among Ansar Allah’s fiercest enemies, playing an active role on the fronts against Ansar Allah from the beginning of the Marib conflict. After the return of Ansar Allah forces to the west and south of Marib province, some of the Murad tribes stopped fighting and made peace with Ansar Allah. But another part supported the Saudi coalition, which these supports were also cut off by Ansar Allah advances in the area and the district of Jabal Murad came under the control of Ansar Allah and popular committees.

The liberation of al-Judayda and Jabal al-Murad brings Ansar Allah to the last defensive position of the Saudi coalition in the south of Marib, i.e. the al-Balaq al-Sharqi mountain.

Interactive map of Marib

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